Abstract and Full Text Paper Writing Guideline

In the abstract, the "purpose", "importance", "method", "limitations", "findings" and "short bibliography" of the study should be clearly stated under the headings. Abstracts should consist of 300 words, excluding the short references. The abstract should be written on A4 paper with 2.5 cm margins on the left, top, right and bottom, 12 point, Times New Roman font, and single line spacing. The abstract should include the title of the paper, author(s), title(s), name-surname(s), affiliated institution, e-mail address and telephone numbers. Abstract must not have been previously published or presented.
 Full Text Paper
The paper should be written in Word Program on A4 paper with 2.5 cm margins left, top, right and bottom. The paper should be a maximum of 5 pages, including the references. The text of the paper should be written in 12-point Times New Roman font, with single line spacing and 1 line space between paragraphs. First-degree section titles should be written in capital letters and bold; in second-degree and other subsection titles, the first letter of each word should be written in capital letters and bold. Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively in the text. References should be written at the end of the text in alphabetical order according to the surname of the author, in 11 font size, with 1 line space between the references. Full text paper must not have been previously published or presented.
Citations Rules
Every citation in the text must be included in the references. Works that are not cited in the text should not be included in the reference. References in the text should be given in parentheses (author/authors' surname, publication year of the source: relevant page number) and the reference list, which includes the references used in full and with the full citation, should be shown at the end of the text in accordance with the reference system. Explanations other than references should be stated in the form of footnotes at the bottom of the relevant page. Please prepare your abstracts and full texts   according to the following template.

Poster Paper Preparation Guidelines
Poster presentations must not have been previously published. Acceptance letters of poster presentations will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the authors. Posters will be displayed on the boards throughout the congress. It is obligatory for those who will make poster presentations to attend the congress.
1. Dimensions: Posters should be prepared vertically, preferably in the size of 70 x 100 centimeter.
2. Text: Poster text should be easily readable from 1-2 meters. The character sizes that can be preferred in the text should generally be as stated below.
3.Poster Title: It should be 54 font and the title should be written in all capital letters.
4. Author's Name: It should be 42 font, the name of the author presenting the poster should be underlined. The e-mail addresses of all authors should be written in small fonts just below the name.
5. Address information: It should be 36 font and the institutions represented by the authors should be marked with a superscript in parallel with the names. Institution addresses should be placed under the names of the authors.
6.Chapter Title: 36 font (bold and capital letters)
7.Normal Text: 32 points (normal)
8.References: 18 point (normal)
9. Color: For eye comfort, neutral or gray tones should be used for the poster background, and dark tones should be preferred for text.
10. Boards with sufficient dimensions for hanging posters will be provided by the congress organization. Authors must be present on the date of poster presentation.